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Roxio Gamecap Pro Hd Problem. No Signal!



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you dont understand uh? Look at the attachement its not working. It is connected. Please Help! everything is right! console is on no cable endommaged because they are brand new. And the tv input is GOOD. Now please! HEEELLPP!!!


You don't understand something is not right!


I can't just reach over and fix it for you, your going to have to do the work and troubleshooting your self, over and over until you find out what is wrong.


Why does the status show as “No Signal” in the Capture application?

It means Roxio Game Capture HD PRO device can’t detect video signal from the console you connect to. There are a couple of possibilities:

  1. The console is not power on
  2. Cable connection is not setup properly according to the Getting Started Guide
  3. Video source is not supported. For example, if you are connection to a PS3, HDMI signal can’t be detected by Roxio Game Capture HD PRO device due to HDCP (protected video) by Sony. We suggest you to switch to Component (A/V) cable to connect between PS3 and Roxio Game Capture HD PRO. Please follow the instructions of PS3 setup on Getting Started Guide.
  4. The capture device or cable could be damaged

I would suggest unplug the RGC USB Device, reboot the PC, shut all other programs off and restart the RGC and plugin the RGC USB Device. In that order.

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