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Cannot Capture Video's From Youtube



I've been trying for 2 days to capture video's from youtube. Have installed, uninstalled, installed again, updated flash, tried different browsers, changed cache locations, and probably more. I need some help. I bought this program thinking I could get an important project done more quickly and with better quality. I'm up against a deadline now. Can someone help ?


Here is the error I'm getting:

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Yes, that sometimes doesn't work right because YouTube often makes changes or adds copyright information. Some cannot be downloaded at all because the poster wanted it that way and some are pay to download. Is the one you want one of those types?


If not:


Try this first.


Other have tried "Video DownloadHelper 4.9.9" for FireFox but that is iffy also.

You can go to cnet and find a downloader such as this example. Note this is not a recommendation; use at your own risk.


Please let us know what works for you.

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Sorry, I don't usually get it working; I capture the commercials !

so it has no restrictions; it doesn't download for me. See if it works for you.


It is not a flash video so you don't need the latest versions of the flash player. Actually I've never see that part of the message. What video were you trying to capture; I'd like to try it on my computer(s).?

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Not a "solution" to the problem mentioned above but something to check is to see if the particular video you're trying to capture already has a "download" button. I don't spend a lot of time on Youtube, but quite a few of the videos I've been directed to recently already have a button to click to download the video, at which point I can simply do as I wish for editing, compiling, etc.

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Where do the Web Video's reside on your computer? There are some that show up on the Web download screen that I would like to romove. I did not try to capture them. Could someone please tell me how to remove them?




They are where you wanted them OR in the default location. Look at the options tab; it will tell you where they are.


Edit: Also remember to clear your browser history and temp files.

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