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Roxio Hd Gamecap Screen Has Weird Distorting Colours - Help?



Hi there,

I have recently setup the Roxio HD GameCap and all is well. But, every so often the Playback screen on the software starts distorting with these colourful tiny pixelated boxes and lines. My computer (at least I think it is ) also starts to have a loud screeching noise. Once this happens, alot of the time I have to reboot my PC as mostly everything stops responding. I have tried a few things like update my Graphic Card's Drivers and Repair/Uninstall the Roxio Software which came with the Roxio HD GameCap, But it still keeps happening. It is starting to bug me a load as I cant produce videos without these happening. I am running HDMI Into and Out of the Roxio Device and everything shows up perfectly, until this weird 'Glitch' starts to happen.

I also tried moving my quality settings down to 480p but it still didnt work.


Here Are My PC Specs:


Windows 7 Ultimate


Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 850 . 3.30 GHz

System Type: 64-Bit OperatingSystem

Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce GTX 460 v2


Sound Card: ASUS Xonar DG


Any Help would be Appreciated.

Thanks alot,


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In the capture box (when I had capture working for a day...) I had that happening, and got it to stop by turning down the Quality setting two bumps (it's to the left of the preview window when you're getting ready to capture).


The other thing I did was download Razer Game Booster, it turns off a lot of things running on your computer so it's dedicated to just capturing.


Good luck!

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Ah! I put a new FireWire USB into the Roxio and I used GameBooster. I unchecked as many processors and programs I had and started it up. I had everything on max quality settings so it was still doing the weird distorting thing. I then just lowered my preview quality down a tad. and so far its been working fine for over 2 hours. I just dont want to get my hopes up just incase it happens later on or again ;)

Thanks for the tips!


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