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I've had my roxio hd pro for a while now but recently we changed from a component (old tv) to a new hd one and I'm currently using HDMI cables but whenever I go to my recording devices I cannot see the Line roxio device. I have it able to show disable devices on and nothing else shows up just Stereo Mix, Intergrated microphone in the laptop and the microphone output for the laptop. Is there something wrong? I'm trying to be able to plug in my Turtle Beach headset for the xbox 360 into my laptop and record my voice as well as others I'm currently playing with in the game and their is no audio option in my roxio software under capture either. Also when I plug the mic in and talk I can hear myself through the laptop but since I canted edit my audio on the software when capturing it wont capture my voice. Sorry this is a lot but also I've been playing around with it and when I do plug in the usb to the laptop to start capturing the voice becomes unclear and loud static plays along with my voice. Thank you for taking your time out of your day to read this and help me!

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You cannot capture your own Mic in this software!


You can record it with any other audio program and then add that recording in later, but there isn't an easy way :huh:


I wish you and everyone else would take advantage of the program to let Roxio know about this!!!



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