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Strange Sound Issue



Okay, so I got (like many) the Game Capture HD pro for Xmas. Today I started recording a fresh playthrough of Borderlands 2. Everything went fine, and the video quality looked great...but there was no sound when I played it back in VideoWave. I skipped ahead to several different points in the video and none of them have any audio at all. I tried restarting the program, tried adjusting the sound levels in the editor, restarted my computer; nothing worked. Just to make sure everything is as bad as it seemed (in other words, the audio simply wasn't there) I tried playing the raw .M2TS in Media Player Classic...and unbelievably...the audio was there. It had a few minor hiccups, nothing that was major...but no matter what I tried to do in VideoWave, I can't seem to get the audio up. I Tried loading the video using Windows Movie Maker; won't even import it. Live Movie Maker will acually import it, but it's terribly laggy, and also lacks audio. So my question is...what on earth is going on??

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