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Test Card Screen?



Hey peeps, guru's, techies and geeks.


I was given my Roxio Game capture HD PRO device as a Christmas gift and it has given me a bit of gip, to say the least.


However, I have gotten to a stage where the device is installed and my PC is happy that it is installed (quite a challenge for one such as me)


Anyway, as you can see from the attached screen grab, everything looks rosy except for the picture on screen withn the Roxio software.


Has anyone experienced this before or know why this is happening to me? I had a proper signal for about 20 seconds where I could see the picture and then it wen into its current 'Test Card' state.


I am attempting to trawl through the faq's and knowledge base, but admit to not have read everything yet. Kind of hoping that someone will have an answer before I get through it all...


Cheers :wacko:



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Thanks for the reply and sorry it took so long for me to get back. Been v busy.




PS3 is the target. Component out to RGC. HDMI out to Monitor (27 "Asus 120HZ, LED Full HD Bluray 3D, Nvidia 3D Vision)


PC also hooked up to same Monitor and runs Windows 7.


PC is a new build and the cpu is an i7-3770K @ 3.5GH

GTX 680 Graphics Card

16GB RAM all sitting on a Maximus V Genie Motherboard. The processor and graphics card are water cooled.

The RGC's USB is in at the motherboard and I'm running a 6 port USB hub from a spare slot for the likes of flash drives, wireless network adapter, dongle for wireless headset, etc.


All drivers are up to date and the only error i get is a known one from an unattached USB port. Have had problems running crash dump report though.


Do you need anything further?


It is probably me being a dumb &%$ but i cant figure it out for the life of me.


EDIT: Yes, the RGC is recognised in device manager

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My bad. No, I haven't tried DVD or BD as source. My PS3 & PC are my bd players of choice and I don't own a dvd player that could connect to the RGC with my current cable set up. Won't be rushing out to get one either. Thanks again for getting back.

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Update. It's working, finally! Only took me 3 weeks to get it sorted, lol.


Jim, thanks for your help. I was overclocking the Nvidia GTX 680. Put it back to original settings, re-installed RGC and Bob's your uncle!


I would not have thought about my video card as being the source of my issues.


Thanks again

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