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Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro No Audio

Roscoe Del Fava


Hi there


I'm having a problem with my roxio game capture HD pro. Whenever I try to record any gameplay from my xbox 360, there is never any audio coming from my TV or in the recorded video, I've tried other HDMI cables but the problem remains. If I connect the xbox to the TV without the roxio HD pro via HDMI the audio is fine. It records perfectly, there just isn't any sound to go with it.



I currently have the game capture pro connected to my PC, but I tried connecting it to a laptop, with the game capture pro recording software installed and up to date, but I still got the no audio issue.


Also when I connect my xbox directly to my TV, the display settings on the xbox show that my TV screen resolution is at 1080p, widescreen, HDMI. Yet when I'm connected through the roxio HD Pro it changes to 1920x1080, widescreen, DVI. Could this change be what's causing the loss of audio?


Any and all help would be appreciated


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If youre using an output that connects to a PC monitor without HDMI inputs, youll be restricted with a DVI setting which in turn, does not allow audio to be decoded...Youll have to use a RCA splitter cable and the converter box to be able to connect your AV cables to either your monitor/speakers/headset

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Is the display discovery on your xbox turned on in the system settings?


Okay, so I disabled display discovery and my xbox restarted and everything worked fine after that, got video and audio. Did a test capture with borderlands 2 and it came out perfect. Can't believe it was just one little setting that was messing it up. Thanks dude

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