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Just purchased a new Sony dslr camera to upgrade from my previous Sony camera. The software that came with the older Sony camera was installed on the computer after purchase. This software includes a Picture Motion Browser (for handling digital images downloaded from camera), Image Data Converter v 1.1 (used to convert RAW digital images) and a User's guide. The software programs have worked well.


The new Sony camera also came with software to be downloaded onto a computer. According to Sony support, this software must be downloaded to accommadate the new camera. It also includes similar programs such as, PlayMemories Home (similar to Picture Motion Browser) and Image Converter v 4.0 for converting RAW images. My question concerns a popup that occurred immediately upon inserting the new software cd for downloading (this popup doesn't occur with the previous installation cd). The popup reads, "Image Mastering Software must be installed to use some features of Playmemories Home, such as disc creation." The imaging software is Microsoft's Imaging Mastering API v 2.0 (KB9332716 and is not on my computer). From what I can discern, this software is related to dvd disc creation and burning, along with Blu Ray burning. I don't believe that it is absolutely necessary to download and install the Microsoft Imaging mastering software since I don't have a Blu ray disc burner, and Roxio provides the means for burning DVDs. The only reason for installing this software is to obtain the upgraded Image Converter 4.0 for converting the RAW images that I often shoot.


Any comments?

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I did post this question to Sony support. Just received a response. As correctly surmised, the Microsoft Image Mastering software is used just for burning dvds, which means that dvds can't be burned when using their Playmemories Home software. In otherwords, it's not absolutely necessary, particularly when another software program is utilized. BTW, it can be downloaded at a later time if one chooses to utilize the dvd burning function in Sony Playmemories Home software.

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