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Exporting Lp To Mp3 To Itunes


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I'm not aware of a way to directly export an album or tracks from Easy LP to MP3 to iTunes. To get the albums to iTunes, I export the album to a folder using Easy LP to MP3. Next I start iTunes, go to File and select Add Folder to Library. An Add to Library window opens, and I find and select the album folder created with Easy LP to MP3 then click Select Folder. An Adding Files window should appear showing progress. After it completes the album and its tracks are in iTunes. There is also an Add Files to Library option under File that could be used to move individual tracks. Hope this helps.



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I keep all of my music in one place.So whenever I add music,be it ripping,lp to mp3,ect.,I just have it go to that folder always.

I use a separate hard drive that is E:

I have that folder added to the iTunes library so the tracks end up in the iTunes library the next time it scans.

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