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Black Screen On Tv & Capture



Hey guys,


I just picked up a Roxio Capture card, watched the videos provided and set it all up. However, after plugging everything in, the tutorial video says to change to Component D-Terminal on the PS3 settings. My TV then goes black, the capture software is black and that's it. 30 seconds later it reverts back to original PS3 settings. I've searched through every alternate input channel on my TV but still nothing. Also, did I read the site correctly that you have to pay for official support? That shouldn't be legal :D


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks.




I've double checked. The wires are correct. I've got the Roxio set to Component 3 on my TV. I try using that when changing the option to D-Terminal, stays black. I've turned the PS3 off, removed HD cable, held power button to reset settings, still nothing.

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It would be easier if you told us what solutions you have tried.


I've checked the device manager.

Checked the wires 5+ times, videos etc, all set up correctly.

I have changed the PS3 settings manually

I've disconnected HDMI cable

Reset PS3, held button to change display



Not sure why I didn't try this before but I've just tried to plug the PS3 directly into the TV using the component cables and that doesn't actually work. So it's looking more like a TV/PS3 issue, which is equally as confusing as both are pretty new and been taken care of. Searched for issues with my toshiba 37wlt66s but to no avail. Crap :( lol


Got really excited when I noticed a switch on the component cable I got (It's for Xbox/Wii and PS3) which wasn't set correctly but again, no change.

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