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So, I try and record my Wii U but I keep getting No Signal(its green)


It's also worth noting that I am using the proper cables(just got them from wal-mart) and I have everything set up correctly. But it still won't record, I don't have video or audio at all. Can someone please help?

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Okay, it's worth noting that I'm not exactly a Roxio guru (as indicated by my profile :P), but I saw that you needed help and had no replies and so I couldn't help myself. :) I don't know if you still need help or not, but if so, I'm willing to try. ;)


How do you have your Wii U hooked up to your Roxio? I'm guessing you have a component (Red, Green, and Blue) out going from your Wii U straight into your roxio? If so, could you try taking these component cords and plugging them straight into your tv? If you get an input, then your setup is probably fine. If not, then you need to tweak your setup by getting different cords, and/or changing settings on the Wii U.


If you get an input on the tv by directly plugging the component cables into the TV's component input, then the fault is with your roxio/computer. In this case, there's a much more complicated issue as it could be practically anything. Try hooking an xbox 360 or a ps3 up to your roxio first and see what happens. If you get an input in the roxio software and on your tv, then your roxio and PC are probably fine and the problem lies with your wii u. In this case, try going into the wii u's display settings via the gamepad and changing them to output to 720p/480p. See what happens when you change them. If you get a picture on a certain setting, then the problem was with the Wii U's display settings being too high for your roxio/PC to handle. If you try every setting and nothing, wether hooked up to the roxio or directly to the tv, then the problem is most likely your cord. Try getting a different one and see what happens. :)


If you've tried different cords, and different output settings on the wii u and you only get a picture when connected directly to your tv, then the problem most likely lies in your roxio. Try reinstalling your roxio's software and/or drivers and see what happens. ;)


Sorry for all my randomly placed arsenal of info. I just saw you had no replies and thought I'd (attempt to) help. :)


Hope you get it working! :)

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