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Roxio Hd Pro Is Not Working With Multiple Problems!

Hack N' Slash Jaxon


Alright, I need some help...

I have encountered some problems with my Roxio,

I have been reading up on the other posts and I have found NO SOULUTION !

I am at a young age (14) but am going through some basic CTE training so whatever you could help me with would be great. :D



First problem:

- I must be plugging in the cables wrong or something. My Roxio is not send video from my xbox to my computer (That may not be the right words for it) It leaves me dumfounded. I am using two HDMI cables that I use on a ragular basic for two xboxs (one downstair, One upstairs so I know they work fine) and it seems as if something is just not connecting inside my device :ph34r:


second Problem:

- I seem to be gettin a "DEVICE NOT FOUND" :angry: error on my software. I installed it before I plugged in my device (Reading the instructions like a good boy) I have tried some of the solutions for this error on some of the other threads and they have not yet prevailed. :wacko:


Third Problem:

- You can probebly see that I may be a angery because of all those problems but on top of that there is another. I seem to have no signal on My device, When I plug it in It first gives me the problem above, but if I toy with it the message goes away and I get a "NO SIGNAL" :angry: reply next to the HDMI "Thing" (I cant recall the name at the moment). <_<



Please any suggestions help. :D


P.S. How do I take a screen shot so I can send Picture ove the forums? :lol:

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I don't know about the Xbox problem since I'm a PS3 user, but for the preview screen it can be a lot of things. For me it was the Windows 7 Aero themes, try disabling/enabling Aero themes by right clicking on the desktop, going to personalize and changing it to an Aero theme if you aren't using it or try the "Windows Basic" or "Windows Classic" theme. Also, I've had times where I had to completely uninstall everything and reinstalling it all (including the game cap drivers). Also try moving the "quality" slider to see if it changes anything. Some programs will change the Windows display. I had a time where my display was changed and I couldn't see the preview screen, I closed out of it then restarted the game cap software and it worked fine. I hope I helped somehow, if not I'll try my best to help in any way that I can.

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