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Installation Rolls Back With Error 1603 After Following All Of Tips And Instructions



I have tried everything that has been posted to get NXT PRO to install. After 5 tries I need help. I have done the following things:


All windows updates

Unistalled all previous roxio products

used MSCONFIG to turn all background programs off

Disabled anti virus products

updated video drivers

updated Microsoft.net


It still stops installation during step 9, when installing NXT PRO. Excerpt from log file is below. I am running Windows 7 64 Bit. It got though putting all the sample files in and writing registry values. When copying new files it boms out and the first thing I see is RB Virtual Folder 64 INST. Log files too large to upload.


01/11/13 21:33:58 - Updating install progress: 8 / 12, (null)

01/11/13 21:33:58 - Action InstallActions.RBVIRTUALFOLDER64_0210.Install was just installed.

01/11/13 21:33:58 - Adding reference for suite {CC915001-1639-4D1B-B0A1-A7AC70C99179} for product code {9D6DFAD6-09E5-445E-A4B5-A388FEEBD90D}.

01/11/13 21:33:58 - Adding date time stamp for product code {9D6DFAD6-09E5-445E-A4B5-A388FEEBD90D}.

01/11/13 21:33:58 - Getting reference count for action 'InstallActions.EMC_140.Install', product code '{FBC1AA91-28E4-4577-8057-3CA7D7D7677F}'

01/11/13 21:33:58 - Updating install progress: 8 / 12, Installing Roxio Creator NXT Pro

01/11/13 21:33:58 - Executing setup action: InstallActions.EMC_140.Install

01/11/13 21:33:58 - Action InstallActions.EMC_140.Install return code: 0

01/11/13 21:33:58 - Action InstallActions.EMC_140.Install is Sync

01/11/13 21:33:58 - Action InstallActions.EMC_140.Install has SyncHandle not equal NULL.

01/11/13 21:33:58 - Attempting to determine the version of MSI.DLL

01/11/13 21:33:58 - Installing Package: 'C:\Users\Craig\AppData\Local\Temp\RoxioCreatorNXTPRO_LC36AXD0R14\EMC_140\Roxio Creator NXT Pro.msi', with Properties: 'REBOOT=ReallySuppress TRANSFORMS="C:\Users\Craig\AppData\Local\Temp\RoxioCreatorNXTPRO_LC36AXD0R14\EMC_140\1033.mst" INSTALLERDIR="C:\Users\Craig\AppData\Local\Temp\RoxioCreatorNXTPRO_LC36AXD0R14\" ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT=1 ROX_KEYTEXT=6dU6lXfkbTsbBS4usWeJYKqdS99ucnXw

DESKTOPICON=never QUICKLAUNCHICON=never INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT\" MPI_SUITE_ID={CC915001-1639-4D1B-B0A1-A7AC70C99179} MPI_EULA_ACCEPTED=1 ADDLOCAL=ALL'

01/11/13 21:35:35 - Execution of Windows Installer package 'C:\Users\Craig\AppData\Local\Temp\RoxioCreatorNXTPRO_LC36AXD0R14\EMC_140\Roxio Creator NXT Pro.msi' finished with exit code = 1603

01/11/13 21:35:35 - Updating install progress: 9 / 12, (null)

01/11/13 21:35:35 - Action InstallActions.EMC_140.Install failed with exit code 1603.

01/11/13 21:35:35 - Installation failed with error code 1603

01/11/13 21:35:35 - Rolling back installation

01/11/13 21:35:35 - Caught cancelation exception while running install actions

01/11/13 21:35:35 - Updating install progress: 9 / 12, Preparing to roll back...

01/11/13 21:35:35 - Updating rollback progress: 9 / 12, Preparing to roll back...

01/11/13 21:35:35 - Updating rollback progress: 9 / 12, Rolling back Roxio Creator NXT Pro

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I know this will sound wierd, but after trying many things with support, what it finally turned out to be was disabling ABBYY Finereader add-in option in Office. When I did that, it installed fine. Ever since then ABBYY has been re-abled, and it still works fine, but it needed to be off for some reason to install. Hope this helps.

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I am having a similar and frustrating experience with trying to install NXT on a new computer. At the risk of being too verbose I will attach a couple of files that document the problem. In a nutshell I installed NXT and Paintshop 4 on a Windows Vista PC. I decided to retire that PC and bought a new HP Pavilion Desktop. I sent a message to Roxio Support making sure I could transfer the software to the new PC. I was assured I could. Needless to say even though I uninstalled NXT from the old computer I could not install it on the new Windows 7 PC. I have opened a Case with Roxio/Corel Support, but so far they have been little help. Of course, now I have tried to install NXT so many times, that I have reached the limit on installs. That is the short version. The files I have attached document the exchange between Roxio and myself and also include the portion of the Roxio_Setup.log file that shows where it quits. It is the same error reported by Craig123 in this topic. If anyone has any suggestions about additional steps I could take to get this resolved, I am listening!

Roxio Case_01836762 Log File Error.txt

Roxio Case_01836762 Problem Summary.txt

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