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Need Help On Non-Hdtv Setup



I just bought the Roxio Game Capture (not PRO) for my PS3, I have followed all the setups for it, but the TV I have is not a HDTV or LCD TV. Is there a way to use the capture device on a non-HDTV with only composite cords or with anyother settings for it to work?

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You're going to need HD A/V Cables for your tv you can buy these at gamestop or anywhere else really... Afterwards plug them in like this img0082pg.jpg

Notice that the green cable is NOT plugged in because I don't have an HD TV either.

Make sure the console cables are plugged into the Audio and Video In ports and the cables that came with the Roxio are in the out and going into your TV like so img0084zq.jpg

Afterwards make sure your tv is set to at LEAST 480p img0086izk.jpg

(Note this picture is Xbox but i'm sure PS3 has the same option somewhere.) After that just change some options in the Roxio game capture program and it should work out fine. Also:Sorry for the terrible format but i hope this helps still trying to work my way around this forum...

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