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Emc10 Videowave Production Editor Resolution

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Hi - this is a problem I have ignored for a couple of years as it does not affect the final product. However, I thought it was time I tried to do something about it!! The pictures displayed in the EMC10 Videowave Production Editor timeline or storyboard, over a matter of several days, gradually lose resolution, to the point where you cannot make out what the picture is at all. The pictures display correctly in the preview window and beyond. Any new pictures added start off ok but gradually become pixelated. I can delete a picture and re-insert it and again it starts to display ok but loses resolution after some days. The problem appears to be worse the larger the videowave file, which could point to memeory, but I have 3.5GB, the maximum for my desktop, a Dell GX620 running XP Pro SP3. It is of reasonable performance (it has never seen the internet - no virus checker to slow it down!!). Has anyone else had this problem?

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