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Error 0X0C After Updating To 11.1



Getting an error trying to burn DVD's on my mac pro running 10.6.8.


But I am only having this issue when trying to burn multiple discs at the same time.


These are factory installed drives, exact same make and model.


I am able to burn to one drive or the other without issue, I am even able to burn the same disc that failed in that same drive afterwards, if I only burn to that drive.


Both drives are functioning correctly and I wasn't having this issue before the update, so it's not the drives.


I was able to "fix" this error by uninstalling and reinstalling the software, which worked for one burn session, and then right back to it's current problem.


I am having this issue with Sony, TDK, and Verbatim DVD's.... I have used all in the past, and have never had an issue until I updated to 11.1, so I feel confident it's not the media.


Is there any other things I should try before giving up and going back to a previous version?


Is there any place that one can safely download previous updates without having to pay to fix errors created by bad updates?


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I don't have similar hardware so I can't check if this is a bug with 11.1. All I can suggest is to install an earlier version and use it to do your disc burning. You can have multiple versions of Toast at the same time. Just rename the earlier version so it doesn't get replaced when installing the new one.


The only download available is Toast 11.1 (1067). After it is launched its built-in updater makes 11.1 (1072) available. The latter fixed some slow disc burning problem. Toast 11.1 (1072) is also available via a link at macupdate.com. Any earlier version will have to come from something you already have such as an earlier backup.

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