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How Can I Create .iso Image Files Using Toast Titanium 11.1?



Hi there,


I was a happy Toast Titanium user until the last 11.1 update, that apparently removed the .ISO file type output support for disc images extraction (CD/DVD backup). Is there a way to create .ISO files instead of having to stick to the proprietary an mostly incompatible .TOAST file type?


Until version 11.1 all .TOAST files could be simply renamed to .ISO or could be directly save to .ISO files (if my memory doesn't fail). Will I have to downgrade to be able to do it again? How can I downgrade?


Why? Because sometime we simply need to access the files we create in a third party computer that does not have Toast Titanium installed.


If this is not possible at all, can someone please recommend a good CD/DVD backup tool that also has the "skip bad sectors" feature?


Thanks in advance.



* Image 1 (10.39.36) shows a message in which the user is informed that it's not possible to save a .ISO file.

** Image 2 (10.41.12) shows a system error message proving that renaming .TOAST to .ISO does not work anymore. .TOAST files are no longer .ISO files with different extensions.



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You asked about downgrading. You can have multiple versions of Toast on your computer at the same time and each works individually. Just rename the Toast folder in the Applications folder if you are going to run an earlier installer. Or copy over an earlier version from a backup. I keep several versions of Toast in the same folder by giving them each a name with their version number. It helps in responding to questions in the different forums.


Toast was completely rewritten with version 11.1 so that must be why the image file changed.

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