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Trouble Ripping A Cd



I've read the last few thread on problems copying / ripping a cd and didn't see this mentioned. I have Roxio Creator NXT ver 14.0,36.0; and have been ripping my cds for months now without problem. Came across a cd that will not rip. It's this cd 3 disc set:




I got the first set and disc 1 was loose in box as the spine securing piece of plastic broke and the disc was rattling around in there. I applied for an amazon exchange but before I sent it back I tried to rip disc 1 - would not rip. Ripped disc 2 and 3 ok, sent the bad disc set back and got a new one a few days later.


Second set, all secure and nothing rattling - disc 1 will not rip (2 and 3 rip fine). I use the rip function and have tried the setting at tools | option | verificaiton off, Basic, and Advanced, all 3 will not rip disc. Options set at MP3, 256 Kbps.


Any ideas what is going on? Do I have a protected disc that can't be ripped? If so, I wonder why I am able to rip the 2nd and 3rd disc with no problems?



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