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Offline Installation Of Creator Nxt



Everything I have seen, to include software specifications, suggest that Creator NXT requires an internet connection for activation. I work for Lockheed Martin and have several classified machines I need to load with the product however the machines cannot touch the internet. IS THERE A WORK AROUND?


If there is not work around is my NXT license good for older versions of EASY CD CREATOR that do not require internet to activate?...if it is good...any suggestions on the most recent version that would be good to use?




Any help is appreciated...time is of the essense.



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I did not order....I am lower on the totem pole. Basically its a large project with a large software order from several vendors...the specs were overlooked. I see the need but its a pain for our environment which doesnt allow internet.


Sounds like they should of went this way?


I doubt with the install switches it needs online activation.


Like sknis suggests contact Roxio.





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