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Can I Use Another Usb Video Capture Device?



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I already have a Diamond Multimedia capture device. Will this work with Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus or do I also need to absolutely purchase the Roxio usb video capture device as well? Thanks.


Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus comes with the Roxio USB Capture Device!


Where did you get the software without the device?

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I would also like to use another usb capture device. I was running VHS to DVD (legal purchased copy) with a Pinnacle 710-USB which worked better than the supplied dongle. We just upgraded to VHS to DVD and it will not capture from the Pinnacle USB.


Is it possible for the Vhf2Dvd 3 to recognize and use the Pinnacle which worked so well with the earlier version?

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They obviously had a driver in VHStoDVD origional! All I ask for is the same functionality in the upgrade VHS to DVD 3.


The updated drives are in the VHS2DVD update. Did you follow the instructions carefully?


I was responding to the question about Diamond Media and Pinnacle devices being used with this program. That is the topic of this thread as you named it.


John, You keep skipping around and not giving us answers to questions you are raising. You refer to an earlier Roxio program - which one? You then posted a link to an upgrade but never said that you had an earlier version to upgrade to. You ask about using a different capture device first "Diamond Media" and then a "Pinnacle" device. You are throwing out a lot of information that seems to contradict the previous statement. All this is starting to look like you are doing something "not quite right"


If you have those other devices, why are you not using the software that came with the devices to capture the video?

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We were using ROXIO Easy VHS to DVD version 111B25F on a WIN XP system that is current on updates. We use a Pinnacle Video capture USB because it was less trouble than the ROXIO Video Capture USB dongle. We switched to ROXIO from another capture software package ( I dont remember what it was) because the ROXIO software was superior. However, the USB capture hardware wans't as good and ROXIO (111B25F) worked well with the Pinnacle device.


We are upgrading to VHS to DVD 3 (301B37A) in order to have the Audio recording level display.

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