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So I have a opened copy of Roxio HD Pro that I'm using but my father ordered it and forgot my apartment address number but I still got it he then ordered a second copy but when I got the first copy he went and cancelled the second copy and they told him that the product is a dead copy witch means if someone uses it he would get in trouble and I would have to destroy the product.


Is this true and is there some way I can give my extra copy to my friend who wants it and for my father to not get in trouble

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He cancelled it while it was heading towards me and they said destory it so I just wanna no if it's true then I should destory it and why would my father get in trouble if someone else uses it


Because your father was credited and not charged that is why it and the software should be destroyed.


You and your father would be cheating and defrauding Roxio by not destroying it because you were not charged for it!


Is that clear enough?

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