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Frustrated At Toast, Roxio And Corel



Haven't used CDSD for some months but I volunteered to digitise a vinyl record for someone, first mistake. Checked all the connections and loaded CDSD and thats when the real problems started. All the options on the record screen are greyed out and you cannot even start a recording. It worked fine last time out thanks to Tsantee's work around. Checked website no further updates to the one I have so just on the off chance downloaded a fresh copy of Toast v10.0.9 (569) and installed. No change. Currently running OS 10.7.5 fully updated.


Do a bit of further research and Roxio (now Corel) have the following on their website. "Toast 10 Titanium is not supported on Mac OS X Lion" but they have released a maintenance update which they state "

resolves a select number of issues to ensure that most users who wish to continue using Toast 10 Titanium can continue to do so".

Wrong its just v10.0.9 which I already have installed and doesn't cure any CDSD issues. So if you have OS 10.7.x you cannot use CDSD. So do you update to Toast 11? Well no as the site also states "

Most users will be able to use Toast 11 uninterrupted, however the

latest update for Toast 11

has resolved issues that will be experienced by Lion users. System audio capture (Spin Doctor X) is not compatible with Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion)",

so thats a non starter.


So it would appear that the answer is to upgrade to Toast 11 and OS 10.8.x but according to many users on the forum SDx does not work in v11.


I know this is really not a question for the forum but I just wanted to vent my frustration at the manufacturers as once they have your money you are on your own.


Well so long it once was a good experience (have been using Roxio since CD Creator v3 on Windows) but this is the last Roxio product I shall be buying. Just got to look for a good alternative to digitise old vinyl. Any suggestions?

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You should be able to digitize audio using QuickTime Player. You won't have the noise filters but maybe after the capture you can open the audio file with CD SpinDoctor and apply any filters. Griffin Technology has an app called Final Vinyl but it also doesn't have any noise filters. Bias Inc made a great app called Sound Saver but they quit business.

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