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Creator 2012 Hangs When "adding A Movie"



I've been using versions of Roxio for several years. This year Creator 2012 has me stuck at trying to create the basic menu page.


1. Open Roxio MyDVD

2. Select a menu theme (I've tried several with the same results).

3. Select Change Menu Background

4. The "Change Menu Background" dialog appears

5. The program appears to "hang" (i.e. nothing can be selected, the dialog cannot be closed and Cancel cannot be selected).

6. In the Folder section of the dialog, a grey box is flashing in the bottom right corner.

7. If I open Windows Task Manager, I can see VideoWave is running and that the memory is steadily increasing.

8. If I leave it alone, it will consume approximately 1.5 GB of system memory before finally settling down and allowing me to navigate the dialog.

9. When I scroll through the photos in the dialog many of them show as a red circle with a line through it (no, the files are not corrupt see further below).

10. If I go ahead and pick a file anyways, the program hangs for good and I have to kill it with task manager.


I have looked through the forums and tried the following:

1. Uninstalled everything related to Roxio on this computer and re-installed (using the built-in uninstall utilities).

2. After re-install, I was able to change the menu background with no problem and thought the problem was solved.

3. Attempted to "add a movie" and the same scenario as described above occurred.

4. Closed and restarted and again was unable to even change menu background.


Started the uninstall process again, this time with "Revo Uninstaller" as suggested in a forum thread.

1. Uninstalled everything related to Roxio and cleaned up the recommended registry keys.

2. After re-install, I was again able to select from the file dialog once and then had the same issue as before.


I'm willing to give this another go, but it'd be awesome to proceed with at least a variation on the steps I've followed thus far to give me a faint hope that it may succeed.


System Info

- Windows 8 Pro (64 bit)

- Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz



Suggestions would be welcome.

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