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Videowave Hanging


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Information for others!


I frequently get hangs in videowave with my win 7 laptop - almost certainly when I do something quickly, like moving the time cursor or moving frame by frame quickly- and the system then seems to run the cursor continuously. I found a cure is to call up the windows manager (ctrl alt del) and then abandon it - videowave then behaves again!

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I have had the same problem all morning. First time use. I also just recieved a email from Roxio on how I like Creator NXT HMM???

waiting to see what they have to say.

no more updates to do?

creator 2009 work better, also 2011 worked somewhat better


"Me too" posts are generally useless. Unless you provide some useful information (system specs, waht are your trying to do, how are you doing it, etc) you cannot expect much help.


This reply also applies to Nelson Bowker

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