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How Do I Sync Commentary With The Video?



The footage from my TV ( Playing the Xbox 360 ) takes 2 seconds to process the footage on the PC.

The problem is that I am doing live commentary, so I can't just add the commentary file ( Recorded with Audacity ) to the video, because it will be out of sync.

I can't put the audio 2 seconds ahead of the video either, because the beginning of the video will not have my commentary and the end will drag out.


I'm really stumped on this one.

I feel like I am missing something really obvious here, if you know what, please point that out!



Many thanks in advance!

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add the audio file later ~ that is what VideoWave does ;)


I understand that, but how do I go about that?


My live commentary is going off on my TV. But the recorded footage on the PC is 2 seconds late due to processing, which means my live commentary and the video will not be in sync if I simply add them together...

I still feel like I am missing something extremely obvious.

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I have found an easy way to record your voice and your video - all with your roxio hd pro - no need to add your voice audio later as with this method, you can do it all in one.

Check out my tutorial on this very subject :


I really think people should know this, as i have heard it said that it isnt possible - well...IT IS OK?


Deleted... foul language, same for the one HERE

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