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Dv Tape Stops After 30 Seconds!



I am trying to save my DV-tapes on a Hard disk. When the recording is made on a 8mm HG with digital 8 camera (Sony DCR-TRV320E) the transfer stops in pause after 29-32 seconds, bouth in position record whole tape or even in start recording only. Hi8 tape and DCR-TRV740E has no problems. That is a mor modern digital 8 camera. Funny enough I hav now and than succeded to record takes from my old 320 camera, but only for a couple of tapes. Can mention that it is no problems with MAGIX, Sonys, and Corel Video Studio X5 which I have to use to get the old tapes to the hard disk. What I find annoying is that I like that Roxios capture program can be left to stop by itself when the recordings end. Corel I have to stop manualy. My firewire connection seams to function OK because the other programs work OK.

So to the questions:

Is it a bug in Roxios program or in Sonys driver?

Am I doing something wrong by installation of Roxios program?

Is there som interferense between the programs I mentioned earlier?

Yes, I have Firewire 4 to sex pins model.

My Windows is 7 pro 64 bit version. Have still not tried the problem in Win 8 but Win 7 32 bit gave the same bug.

VERY thankful for some explanation about the problem. :-)

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Firewire has not worked properly for Sony DCR TRV350 since Creator 9 on XP! Still not working on new PC with Win7 and Roxio NXT. Legacy Drivers - did not fix. New Firewire card - no joy. Different cable - no help. System recognizes Sony DV, can control and play just fine, but when I start capture, the Camera is put into Pause after 31 seconds. THE FIX: (Suggested t least 5 years ago on a Roxio Forum, still true) capture with some other program and then finish the project in excellent Roxio software. Digital Guru on these forums suggested a little freebie called WinDV, which seems to now be out of support. My choice is Windows Live Movie Maker, free download from Microsoft, which has "Import from Device, Digital Video Camera - Microsoft DV Camera and VCR" as a choice (must have the camera on and connected to FireWire to see the option). This is somewhat less flexible than the Roxio capture tools, but It WORKS!

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