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Narration Problem



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Not a problem...


In Timeline view, Pick the insert point (scrubber)




Add Audio (in this case I choose Sound FX Track:





Note the end of clip vs end of Audio...



The audio clip is floating on that Track and can be adjusted for time and clipped as well as moved.


But you may want to Lock it TO a clip... Then you add it to the Internal Track:






But here it will not be longer than the clip length but will remain locked inside that clip...


Different ways of doing it depending on your desired results ;)

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I'm sorry guys I didn't mean it like that, I cant really explain it what I really mean. I want to narrate while the video is stuck on a frame (paused). IDK if that makes any sense. I'm not really a tech guy. I want to tell people whats going on in the video before I play it and still narrate while its playing.

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You could try it like this.

Go into Timeline mode and add the video clip you want to edit. Now get to the point in the clip where you want to pause and narrate. What you want to do is simply select the 'Split the Selected item' option just to the right of the 'Internal Tracks' menu below the preview window. It is the 3rd icon to the right of 'Internal Tracks'.

Next, at the bottom of the preview window you will see a small 'Camera' icon, its the last icon on the right in the preview plane, Clicking on this will extract the picture in the preview frame into a Jpeg. Save it somewhere where you can find it i.e. the folder where your videoclip is for ease, and click on Media Selector Menu at the top right and locate the picture you just saved. Now all you do is click and drag it in between the split video clips. Now you can stretch the frame for the length of your narration and the video will continue to play.

Hope this helps.

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Yes, DizzyKiddy has a good solution for what you want to do ;)


Figure out how much time it takes to say what you want to say, and adjust the still pic to that time. (right click - Trim)


Set the scrubber at the start of the pic and add your narration.


That should give you what you want!

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