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Capturing Vhs To Disc



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I bought Easy VHS to DVD several years ago, to capture old VHS movies to hard drive, edit them, and burn the finished parts to DVDs. My version is 1.1.124; 4.50.13a.


I haven't done any capturing as the menu doesn't seem to support what I need. Do I have the wrong version?




No idea if you have the wrong version since you have supplied ver little info. I don't even understand what you mean by "the menu doesn't seem to support what I need".

Are we supposed to guess?


Also tell us your system specs, operating system.

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Perhaps this will help. There are several versions. I think you have an original one. If you are not using Vista nor XP, the program will not work. Can you see the icon for "Digitize LP and Tapes" icon?


Also do this and attach the results so that we can see if hardware is an issue.


(BTW, the blue underlined text are links.)

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