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No Audio For Xbox 360 Hdmi Setup



I have seen a few posts on this but no answers to fix the problem.


Here is my setup:


I have the Xbox 360 connected via HDMI to the Roxio HDMI input. Then I have the Roxio HDMI output connected to my tv. The USB plug is connected to my laptop.


I have no issues with streaming or capturing. Everything works except I have no audio at all. My TV has no audio, My turtle beach headset has no audio, and when I capture video, it has no audio either.


Please help with any possible solutions.

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If you plug the XBox directly to your TV do you get audio?

Try setting the audio on the XBox to Stereo not Dolby.

How are your Turtle Beach's connected?They shouldn't have anything to do with the capture device.Mine work just fine.

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Ok,I'll have to try mine again and see what my settings look like.It might not be till the weekend when I get a chance.I don't have things connected all of the time.


I can see why you don't get audio from your Turtle Beach's if you're trying to pick up the out from the TV if there's no sound going in.


I think the best way to hook them up is directly out of the XBox.

If you get one of these then both the HDMI cable and the adapter will connect to the XBox at the same time unlike trying to connect the Component or even the Standard adapter and the HDMI cable at the same time.

Once you do that all you have to do is connect the headset to the Red and White of the adapter.


I'll get back to you once I try things again if you're still around by then.

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Like promised I'm back and I hope you see this.


I just got done hooking everything up and trying a capture and things went perfect.


I used HDMI in to the device from the XBox.

I used HDMI out to my computer monitor.

I connected my Turtle Beach X12 headset using the RCA adapter and the XBox HD Audio adapter.

My XBox is set to 720p

Audio is set to Dolby Digital.


With everything connected this way I get audio no problem.

I can't try the digital audio connection for the headphones because I don't have that amp.


I am able to capture and get audio in my captured video.

I'm also able to hear the headphones just fine.


It could be there is a problem with the audio in your Roxio device.I don't know for sure.You'd have to call Support about that.


Here's a couple of pics of the XBox screens.





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Okay, I have finally figured out how to fix this problem, so if anyone else with these issues sees this, try this out. I will post this on the other places in the forum where people asked:



On the Xbox, you have to go to Settings -> Console Settings -> Display -> Display Discovery. Then, make sure that Display Discovery is turned OFF. This is very important. Your system will need to reset after these changes. Then you have to go back and re-set your HDTV settings manually as it defaults to 480P. You can tamper with all the settings to get it how you want it to be at this point.


Thanks for everyone who tried to help.

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