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Miedo 404


I got a roxio game capture hd pro for Christmas and am quite satisfied with my product but when i go to use the video wave editing software that is included with it i get a horrable bug. My video is like a rgb color panels that don't overlap right so its like watching three bad quality videos on top of each other. The video file is not like this but the preview window shows it like this and it still looks like this once it is exported


original video



messed up render



messed up export



I love you hardware but so far the software sucks. Does anyone know how to fix this?




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Without knowing what the quality of the original is AND the settings for quality of the Render and Export no guesses :huh:


Would also need to know all you PC Specs especially your Video Card and settings...


And what console are you using and how is it wired up?


While you are digging that out try a short test. New Project 16:9




Cut it to 5 or 10 Seconds in length.


Then Export As setting it to Same as Original:




IF that setting isn't available, then your clip is not of enough quality for it to work right ;)

(in that case, right click on the Clip and look at Properties - Details to see what the resolution of the clip is)

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I lietaly had the exact same settings. It was originaly recorded in 1080p at 1920 X 1080 at 29 fps the only difference was that once it was exported the file type changed. I also uploaded photos of original and final on settings and file type (original is on right export is on right) Also im using an xbox 360 with both hdmi cables and xbox is set to 1080p





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File types don't change unless you set them ;) (you probably didn't realize it was based on the "Purpose")


I am guessing the Left ones (1-22-2013_04) were the Original capture...


Note that the frame per second has changed from 29 to 60... Can't say for sure but I suspect that can cause a difference depending on what it chooses for the key frame.


Try setting it to AVCHD 1920 X 1080 24P, just to see if anything changes???

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