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No Signal? Please Help



Hi everyone,


So i got a Roxio Game Capture 1 yesterday and ive just set it up today, i followed all the tutorials to set it up...


All the leads are in the right places, the software is installed and up to date,


I run the program.. it loads up fine... i just pressed the edit button to start with.... that came up on the computer fine, so i exit out of that and press CAPTURE!


Now it begins to load.... it starts to open all the interface then my computer screen goes black saying "NO VIDEO SIGNAL" - I restart the computer its fine.... i try again "CAPTURE" no video signal.....


If anyone can help me with this issue i would really appreciate it


ALSO i have my Xbox AND my PC running through my TV, i'm not sure if that makes a difference or not....


I've tried switching resolutions on my Xbox and PC.... nothing helped, ive watched countless youtube videos on how to set it up..... nothing helped

(Yes its on 1080i and about the capture settings, i cant get onto the capture page to change them as it blacks out...)

If anyone out there can help me please :(

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That is exactly how i hooked mine up, just that the laptop is a desktop and i have both my Xbox And my Desktop running through my T.V


Computer is to my HDMI 1 slot on TV


Xbox 360 is in the right color coded points. (Component 3)


When i switch to component 3.... my xbox is normal.... plays fine


I switch back to pc channel (HDMI 1) its fine


As soon as i hit that CAPTURE button i lose video signal completely on my computer and have to restart it. (meanwhile xbox is unaffected)


EDIT- Ive also checked on "Manage Devices" on my PC and i have 2 for Roxio Game Cap

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