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The Next Problem.... -_-



As you may have seen i did post a thread about problems with roxio before but i fixed that now i have ran into a new problem


I have BOTH my Xbox 360 (elite) AND my PC running through my T.V Operating on different channels (obviously)


When i hit capture, it starts capturing it.... i switch to my xbox to play a game.... and its fine....


THEN i try and switch back to the channel that my PC is on and it has NO VIDEO SIGNAL at all....


I move the mouse and hit some keys and nothing comes back up, ive even tried switching the HDMI port that the computer is connected to, to the other port and see if its on the other channel... but nothing



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This doesn't solve my problem at all...


1. I dont have a Roxio Capture HD Pro (If i did, i would be posting it in the right forum)


2. everything is wired up properly, i just tested it recording WITHOUT switching channels and just playing a tiny bit looking at the preview window playing, that was all fine


As soon as i switch back to Component 3 channel on my TV my computer doesn't display any video signal at all


Just as a reminder.





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