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Photoshow - Mpeg Conversion Did Not Work - Why?

Bob - Dublin


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Thanks for your reply. I am only trying to use the Roxio Photoshow.com website to convert one of my photoshows using their offered conversion service on the website.

Quote: Save as MP4 video. Unquote



That only works about 10% of the time (probably an overestimate).. :unsure:


If you have a premium membership, download the PhotoShow V6 from your members page to your computer. Once you do that, you can sign in and download the PhotoShow to your computer. In the third step of the desktop version, you can make a wmv or mpg2 file) or upload it to a social sharing site. If you need an mp4 version on your computer, you can use a free video conversion program to convert the mpg2 or wmv file to mp4. I use the free "Any Video Converter"


Let me know if you need further clarification or other help.

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