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I opened my easy CD creator and have found it anything but. It opens to a blank project screen with no way to know how to do anything. I have no blue or purple screen. Is it so difficult to just have easy instructions on how to begin a project for the first time? I'm not completely dense about things but I am not intuitive either. I've gone through the help center where many words do not instructions make. To do editing or adding, fine. But what if you're just beginning? Having spent too much time on this site looking for the answers, Please, where, oh where is the guide for how to do this for beginners? The kind that has Step 1, step 2.....I just want to put my vhs tapes on cds. I have version 6.1 build 7601 for windows 7. Help!

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You seem to be describing software that is about 10 versions ago...


Not a problem, Ver 6 has it's own forum here.


I'll confirm the version when I get home and move it to the right forum.


For now, would you describe what you want to do and what you have to work with (files & PC).


Edit: Is this your opening screen?



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