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Wave Like Streaks In Output Dvd



Did a video tape capture for a friend. The capture video is just fine. When viewed in preview no wave like streaks. When I output to the DVD and view, there are waves that degrade the video quality. The video tape was created while my friend was walking and taping and in some cases walking and panning at the same time. It appears that the waves are created by the camera motion. My problem is that I do not see this loss of quality when viewing the capture video, only when I view the output to DVD. This is only a 30 minute video, so I am able to output using the best quality settings. I am not sure why the capture quality is not the same as the output quality?


Using recently purchased software: Creator NXT. Windows XP


In order to eliminate the DVD player as the source of the problem, I used Corel WinDVD to view the DVD. The problem still shows up when I use this viewing method.


I tired using different DVDs also, Memorex DVD-R, 4.7GB and also Verbatim DVD+R DL, 8.5GB. Did not make a difference.


I would assume that what I see in the capture would be the same as what I see on the DVD. This is not the case!?

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The capture property is probably the same as the output quality; the difference is the low quality preview that really doesn't show the "lines. " I have had this happen several times while panning or just walking.


Try this just to make sure. Instead of burning the video to a disc, burn it to an ISo file (same option locations as burn). Name the ISO file and set where you want it. Your desktop might be a good temporary place. Download the free "VLC" player. Drag the ISO to it and it will play the ISO. Do you see the "lines"? If so, they are there and there is little you can do about it except try to hide them by cutting the section out or by perhaps an overlay of an image that will hide it.


Let us know about the ISo

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Thanks for the reply. I created the ISO file on my desktop, downloaded the VCL player and played the capture. There are no lines, waves or flutters. I then played the DVD that I had burned from the capture, again using the VCL player. Again no lines waves or flutters. Next, I went back to viewing the DVD using my LG DVD player hooked up to my Sony Bravia HD. Again, I saw the waves, flutters and loss of viewing quality. In additional correspondence with my friend, she has also indicated that there were areas where the image broke up and the audio broke up. So I tried a second method of viewing, a Toshiba HD with build in DVD player. Using this equipment, I also saw areas of image and audio break up. Again, I do not see any of these issues when veiwing the DVD using the VCL player! It looks very good and there aren't any break ups, flutters or any other problems. So the problems seem to be related to how I view the DVD. I am not sure why this should be an issue? This is the first DVD that I have done with Creator NXT. I had an older version of Creator Pro and have made several DVDs that can be viewed without issues on the same equipment that I am using to view this DVD.

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