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From Roxio To Usb Port



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Would like to transfer video from SONY camcorder directly to USB port

Is this possible? . . . How do I do it?????????????????????



I can't get computer to read USB / (F:) port.

Do I need a password for my USB port ?!?!?!?!?!?

and how do I get to read USB port ????????????


You cannot transfer video from a camcorder direct to USB post on your computer. You need a capture device? Do you have that? Do you have the VHStoDVD software?

Describe how you have everything connected?

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What camcorder do you have? How are the videos recorded on it. If memory card or stick, just remove them from the camcorder and plug the card into a card reader. If digital tape, you will need to use a Firewire port or a converter. If the camcorder is analog, you should be able to plug it into a USB port but you will NOT get the audio.


Do not use a USB hub, use only a full powered USB (2) port on the back of your computer if it is a desktop. If laptop, make sure that NO OTHER USB ports are in use.


It sounds like you don't have a lot of computer experience so you will have to be very clear on what you are doing and any errors you are seeing.


Ask Walt asked, what software do you have on your computer/ You posted in the form for easy VHS to DVD which comes with a USB analog to digital converter. If you have that, did you install the software before plugging in the device.


Please give us more information on your computer via dxdiag by carefully following this procedure (link) . Take your time to do it right the first time.


Do not use your cell phone or other non-computer hardware to reply to this request.

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