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Photoshow Premium Won't Get Past 43% Processing Photos When I Try To Burn To Dvd



I just purchased Photoshow premium 6 and it won't get past 43% processing photos when I try to burn to dvd. I've tried several times and even let it run for over ten hours last night and it still never got past 43%. I've read through whatever support tips I could find (and it seems that plenty of people are having problem burning to dvd with this service) and nothing has worked yet, I've been intrusted to make a photoshow to dvd for a family members funeral service coming up in a few days,this is why I bought this product and It's not working like it should. I've already wasted about 12 hours trying to burn this project. Please Help!!!!! ..... I'm quickly running out of time.

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Let's make a few assumptions before we offer some suggestions. Tell me what is different.


1) You have the latest version of Photoshow 6 on your desktop. suggestion. Redownload it and reinstall it over what you have now.

2) you have made a PhotoShow using that desktop version.

3) You have reasonable sized photos that are in the right format.

4) you are not using any videos. If there are videos, they are the right format and less than 50 mb (just a few seconds).

5) You are using only your own mp3 audio files that are NOT DRM protected. If you are using a MAC format, they are not coming from ITunes.

6) You are using a good quality disc -- no Memorex and no store brands. Perhaps Verbatim.

7) you have checked your computer and the disc can be burned by your optical burner.


Suggestion. For now output the Photoshow to a wmv or mpg2 FILE. If it completes then there is a problem with the burning. If it doesn't complete then there is a problem with your project.


Tell us if the above is correct and that you were or were not able to output to a video file.


How are you planning to use the PhotoShow at the funeral service? Will you be using a projector? Be careful, not all will handle the video and audio properly from the DVD. Can you use a thumb drive or memory card to run the slide show?

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Tried everything you mentioned with the exception of outputting the show to MPEG 2 and nothing worked. Can you please give step by step directions on how to output to MPEG2 , as I never came across that option anywhere. Only saw MPEG4 option. I did burn other dvd's using another software to test and it worked fine. In reading the forums it seems alot of people are having similar problems with this program when trying to burn a DVD.

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I forgot to mention, when I was trying to fill out a support request thru roxio I was asked for a support code which it says should have been sent via email after purchase which I never got. I've have called every phone number I could find (roxio ,cleverbridge ,corel) to ask about this mystery email and support code and no one seems to know anything about it.

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Did you look in your spam folder? If you can't activate your premium membership, you can't get V6 onto your desktop/laptop so you could NOT have tried everything that I posted above.


Where you ever charged for it? Perhaps the purchase never went through. If you were changed, how much did you pay. You should have a receipt or at least a credit card bill.


There are limits on the free photoshow program. You may be running into those limits.

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Nothing I Nothing in spam folder. V6 is activated and currently running with all the extra's ,just never got an email with any mention of a support code. So it should be burning to dvd it just won't. As I said I did try everything you suggested is there anything else I might try.

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Yet you tell me that you have a standard (free) membership on the web site? I'm going to ask one lat time. Did you ever get charged for the Premium Membership?


So you have V6 on your HOME computer and are using that? Open it and look at the "about" and tell us what BUILD you have.


Do you get any error messages when you try to burn the PhotoShow to a wmv file? How long is your PhotoShow> Are you trying to burn it to a DVD or CD. What is the brand of the CD or DVD?


I suspect that you are using either a video that is too large or the wrong format or that you are trying to use a protected mp3 or apple audio file.


Look at your project and see what is going on about 40% - 60? of your project. You may be able to track it down.


Also, do you have enough free and defragged space on your hard drive that you are using?


I seem to be getting inconsistent answers from your posts. There is no ability to export to mp4 on the desktop version (if that is what you have) and other answers. Perhaps we should start from scratch; please summarize you question , and what you have done. I am assuming that you have a PC and not a MAC.

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No need to express the attitude,if this software did everything it was suppoosed to do without a hitch I wouldn't be finding so many people having problems burnining to dvd on roxio's support pages. First of all just went over all our conversations and no where did I ever say that I have a standard (free) membership. Now to start from scratch and specifically answer some of your questions(1)

I've already tried to download & reinstall photoshow 6,that did not

help,(2) I did make the photoshow using the desktop version.(3) Not sure

what a reasonable size photo is but I have 115 photos in one show and 108

in the other, all the photos are JPEG and are less than 2 MB except for the

last photo in each show that is a scan of a black paper to use as a

background for text which are 3.10 MB (by the way some of the photos that I

was asked to use say "DocImage" in the folder but when I click on

properties they say JPEG,not sure if that's relevant but I don't want to

miss anything. (4) Not using videos at all. (5) Not using DRM Mp3 files.

(6) & (7) I've already tried Phillips ,Magnavox, HP & Staples Brands of DVDs

which work just fine on my computer burning other things using other programs. Outputting to wmv worked on

both show's but I can't figure out how to output to MPEG 2 File, can you

please give me step by step on how to do it as I have tried to follow the

steps I found on the forums but the MPEG 2 option never appeared, (8) I've never had an error message it just never gets past 43% it says its processing photos at that point.

(9) Not using video files at all and not using Itunes or protected mp3s. (10) I have over 500 GB of space completely defragged on my PC. Don't know if I read about the MPEG 4 on one of the forums or I was just in a state of exhaustion from the buku hours I was spending trying to burn the show to dvd when I mentioned the MPEG 4. So if you think you can help or need anymore info let me know. Thank You

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You will get no argument from me about the (non) working program. I have used it quite a bit and I am frustrated that it can't or won't be fixed. I feel your frustration. With both of us frustrated and no support, we can both come across as having an attitude.


mpg4 was an option for the online web site upload and download. It doesn't work anymore and Roxio is probably not going to fix it.


I have to ask a lot of questions in order to understand just what you are experiencing. Please don't fault me for that. Remember that I am a user and not a Roxio employee. I do answer other questions in other parts of the forum so sometimes I may forget something that you told me.


You said that the program was able to output to a wmv file with no problems. That would indicate that there is nothing wrong with the PhotoShow. The issue is then the burning. I have no ideal why it would encode to a wmv files with no problems but will not burn to a disc. Please do this (link) so we can see what computer you have and what drivers.


As for how to make a mpg file, look here; do you see those options?








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I apologize as I did not know you were not a Roxio employee and would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for your attempts to help. Attached is the info you requested. I guess that's a further indication as to how absolutely lacking roxio is in the support area for this product, that they leave to other users to try and help customers in need,PATHETIC! I ended up here after attempting to access support via the support page as it eventually asked me for a support code which I never recieved when I purchased it. Then when trying to reinstall the program directly from the cd that I apparantly wasted more money on, I'm being asked for a license number that I also have not received, and because that puts the brakes on contacting roxio support I can't even find out why I never got either one, seriously Roxio, you can't even provide a live person to for customers to actually talk to and help customers clear up issues like unsent codes and Roxio support where ever you are, if you are actually monitoring these forums (and I truly have my doubts that that anyone is) you and your company actually do at least one thing very well, which is completely insulating yourselves from your customers. At that roxio is truly masterful. This customer has no need for programs that are so flawed that that can't perform as advertised no matter what is tried. Roxio... whoever or whatever team of people that came up with this program for you forgot that it should actually work without all the glitches and massive waste of customers valuable time trying to get it to do simple things like burn to DVD without all the B.S. That being said if no one from Roxio contacts me in the next 48 hours, then giving up on photoshow will be my pleasure.This customer for one will never ever, no way no how, ever, never never ever again purchase any future product that is even remotely connected to Roxio in any way!!! Guru thanks again for your help. Roxio: you're nearly a laugh,but you're really a cry.

Computer Info DxDiag.txt

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No one from Roxio/Corel monitors these forums so I doubt if your critique will reach the intended ears. The program used to work perfectly when it was developed but there have been may computer and OS changes in the meantime. There has been little or no updating.


I know that the burner seems to work OK but ,just because it won't do any harm, go to this page and run the trouble shooter software.


Your computer look great and you have lots of free space on the hard drives. You may want to see if there are any updated drivers for your burners. Check the manufacturer of your computer (Gigabyte) and don't rely on Windows. Now that I know that you have two of them. do they both fail about the same place when you are trying to burn the discs?


I'll see if there are any other frequent posters who may know what is happening.


BTW, did you go here for customer service Perhaps if you ask for a copy of your invoice there will be more information in order to contact Tech Support. Go here.

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