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Can You Include Artwork And Cd Info When You Burn



It is the first time I used Toast Titanium 11 (with Macbook Pro OSX 10.8.2) to burn an Audio CD. Everything went fine but I have still one question : I don't see any disc information (like song title, artist) and no coverart in the monitor of my Home Cinema setup (my Denon BD/CD player) is connected to a projector but also with a display monitor).


Is this possible? How to get all this on the copy you burn with Toast/


Does it make any difference what kind of audio format you put (drag and drop) on the tracklist from your Toast window AIIF, AAC and the like?



thanks a lot for your input

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It doesn't matter what kind of audio file you use for the source. The audio CD format does not include any tagging options so there is no way to include cover art. There is something called CD Text in which Toast writes the artist/album/track info to a file on the disc that a few CD players can read. Macs don't read CD Text and I'd be surprised if your BD player can read it, either. The solution is to burn a different kind of disc. For instance, you can burn a music DVD. This includes a picture with each track and three lines of text for describing what's playing. This plays using the same process used when playing a DVD. See Toast Help for more info. If you want highest audio quality choose PCM as the audio format instead of Dolby Digital in Toast's custom encoder settings window. If you need lots of disc space, move the Dolby Digital bit rate up a ways from its default.

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