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My Vhs To Dvd Problem



Whether I am in the video capture program or the plug and burn program, after activating the capture now function it aborts after 29 seconds. 5 seconds into recording the message, "capture stopping", is displayed and it takes another 15 seconds for it to complete. At this point the vhs tape I am trying to capture is continuing on but the capture has ended. The capture now button is greyed out so I can't restart. If I try going back it won't recognize the dvd disk in the drive and I have to replace it with new before it does. If I stay in the capture window I can only reactivate the capture now button by stopping the tape first. I have removed the whole program and reinstalled it but that made no difference.

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Is there no way to disable the End of Tape function? I thought by setting the record time it would do an end run around the EOT sensing function.

The video tape that I am trying to burn to DVD is a recording of an old film and I want all the snow, low tech editing techniques, and other poor qualities that are a part of the movie industry's growing pains. I have many VHS recordings of old documentary films and movies to transfer to DVD.

Maybe that can be a future project for Roxio's engineers. Maybe even an update to install that feature into existing versions of Easy VHS to DVD.

If I "HAVE" to sit and play nurse maid to the program, I will find another program that allows the EOT function to be disabled.




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