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Video Artefacts/rainbow Glitch



Hi guys,


When I upload a video to YouTube, I get weird artefacts and a strange rainbow abnormality. I'll provide a few links to show what I mean.

Now, the weird thing is, they don't appear when I'm just watching the video from the hard drive; only on YouTube. This only happens to videos that have been edited in VideoWave, though.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkQrffybaSM&list=PLNqFju0fgYcTK3INCoM9SmeOgeC3V9p3C&index=4 - 3:17

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj5JO-lLJLc - 1:57



Any thoughts?

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I didn't see anything but I only watched 1 minute...


When you post a video to "show" your problem, include a time index where it takes place! Don't expect people to spend 25 minutes of their life looking for your problem ;)


ONLY solution I have heard of so far to fix the Rainbow Problem is a very, very tedious process...


Before that, I might be best if you list your PC Specs and.


What is your “Windows Performance Index”? (Win-Pause)


And what is causing the lowest number?

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Oh, is that what that meant :lol:


I saw it in the lower one, NOW how about the specs, index number I asked for?


What output settings did you render it to? If you rendered to file are those issue in the rendered file you saved?


Also when rendering, it is always best to be doing Nothing Else! I usually leave the room ;)


How did you upload it to YouTube?

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