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Using W7 Pro, all updated etc.. When first installed, connected stero input to mic, from audio out from stereo (all checked OK, used on another computer) auto level went to minimum but no recording. after several tries one channel stopped working, then the second. Result; auto level sets to maximum but still no input.

Should I;

1. re-install,

2. try repair in windows control

3. dump and try another program?


All I want to do is copy a stack of LPs to CDs



David M

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Have you set the mic as the default recording device in Windows?

Right click your volume icon on the taskbar and then hit Recording Devices and makes sure that Microphone is set as the default.

Close that and then look at your actual volume control that you just right clicked and make sure the mic is not muted and the volume is up enough.The mic being muted is a common problem.


Now,what application are you using to do this with?

You should be using digitize LP's and Tapes from the home page.

Is the choice Microphone for Capture From?


Do you see the bars moving under recording level?


Make sure all of these things are happening.


Another thing is that microphone inputs tend to be mono not stereo unless they double as a line in on a laptop.

Using Line in on your sound card would be preferred over using the Mic input.

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