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Vhs To Computer Conversion



I purchaced the Roxio VHS to DVD 3 plus. I nstalled it onto my computer. I run the windows 7 software. Now, I tried to use my friends Sony vidio 8 player ($500.00 unit) I hooked it up to the pigtail and then to the usb, it would not work at all. I then hooked the vidio 8 unit up to my TV- VCR combo and recorded the vidio 8 onto the TV-VCR combo and it transfered. then I pluged the pigtail supplied by Roxio to the TV-VCR combo and then to the usb on the computer. As I used the TV-VCR as a monitior I tried to transfere. The image was perfect on the TV-VCR but the image on the computer screen was good except at the very top of the screen it was jagged. only the very top. very annoying. what was weird was only on some of the VHS I recorded was this happening. I tried to figure it out and only can come to the conclusion that I may have used the lp function on some tapes. I have about 20 plus hours on VHS tape and do not want to record all of them again. I edited the VHS's and have them in different windows to join togeather at some time.Some display correctly and some have the jagged edge. the original vidio 8 resulution may have been the problem but one racing tape I taped years back did the same thing. one part was good and one part jagged. any help would be greatly app. I don.t want to buy anythig else as i only amm interested in my family vidio's. again thanks.

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One has to wonder just what that "pigtail" on the Sony was :huh:


The device works with Analogue Video (Yellow RCA), S-Video (black) and separate Audio (White/Red)... NOTHING Else will work!


Tricks with VCR tapes... Fast Forward to the end then Rewind before using. This helps get over rough spots sometimes ;) I had one tape I had to do this to 5+ times before I was able to capture all of it.


Of course I would also try another VCR to see if it will produce a better capture!


Also keep in mind that your Output Quality should be kept at the Highest or you will lose much more than you realize!


With EVD 3 you can use try using the Enhance/Stabilize to "crop" some of the top off...






Of course it will crop all the way around but dabble with it and see if you can find something to your liking...

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