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Macbook Pro Retina ( Bootcamp ) + Roxio Hd Capture Pro + Xbox 360 .



​​Hey guys ! I'm new here . I'm planning on getting the Roxio Hd Capture Pro but there's a lot of thing's i need to clear out so please any help is appreciated .


​1 ) Instead of using a tv , could i just connect it to my laptop straight ? I know you have to connect one of the wires from the console to the Roxio HD Capture Pro , and the other one to the tv . could i use this so that i could connect it to my laptop ? : HDMI to Thunderbolt cable .


​2 ) When using the laptop or pc , does the graphics card play a part ? I mean does it heat up till the point where i have to stop playing ?


​3 ) My Laptop specs : Macbook Pro Retina , 2.3 - 3.3 GHZ quad core , Nvidia GT 650M 1GB GDDR5 , 256 GB SSD .


​Please help . Thank you .

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Here is some reality for you :lol:


First we are not 100% sure it will even work on a MAC of any kind :huh:


When you get into Hardware and Drivers, emulators fail fast!


You can check this post ~ HERE


NO you can't use your Lap as a monitor UNLESS it will accept HDMI or COMPONENT input... Few Desktops can even do that :huh:

Not familiar with a "Thunderbolt cable" but from a quick check it is only an HDMI??? Does your MACbook actually have HDMI input?


If you do pursue this, please let us know how you make out!!!

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I see , but hey i'm sorry i think i gave the wrong info . my macbook pro does have a hdmi input right beside the usb 3.0 slot . (: so what does this mean ? And i don't plan to play on my MAC OSX . I'm planning to use Windows 7 through Bootcamp .

I don't think you know your own machine :huh:


I don't have one but after looking at the MAC site I could find NO VIDEO INPUT on a MacBook!


More searching revealed a possible maybe:



You notice not a one of the posters has done it - all just guessing ;)


It hinges on having a TV Card but not a one of them are suggesting that you could Run a TV Card AND Capture Software at the same time!


Getting a separate monitor to Play the game on is really a cheaper solution than the TV card that might work ;)


Keep us informed.

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Okay yea sorry again lol i just found out that no laptop/probably a few only have video input . Its video output thats on my laptop . So what do i do now then ? I'm currently staying in my hostel and they dont allow television's here . Is there any solution at all rght now for me to play on my laptop screen ?

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FIRST off, I cannot guarantee it works on a MacBook...


SECOND, without video input as I mentioned (TV card) it won't work or will have crippling lag!


Now having said that, I just checked and there are a couple of posts on YouTube of using with a MacBook ;)


However the 2 I looked at on mention Recording and give No Hint as to what they might have been playing it on...


I can understand rules regarding a "TV" but what about a desktop w/Monitor??? Surly that would be allowed?


IF So... get one without speakers. You can use a headset (RCA) to attach to the Pass through for your game audio as well as to make the Video connect to the Silent Monitor :lol:


But I am think in the dark ~ why not bounce this off of some of the MAC Boards and see what that community says about it?


DON'T grab onto the single one that says it will work, but look for a consensus among several ;)

(of course for every failed experiment there are a dozen supports left standing dumbfounded)


It is an interesting project, please keep us informed ;)

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