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Running Slow


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creator NXT,on 64bit win7,divice manager shows program on & off {no responding} about 1/2 the time thus program runs very slow.what can i do


For a start you can post some information on what you are doing. All you have posted is the program runs slow. We don't even know what program you are talking about

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Please do this (link)and attach the text file. Did you check to see if your computer met the minimum requirements for video editing? What is you CPU speed?


I;m not sure it is still there but there is an option to catalog all the files on your computer when the program is first started. It speeds up the hunt for your videos, music, images, etc. You may be running into that. You have two choices. Start Creator and walk away until it finishes ; it will be faster next time or go to the Home screen and select Tools, the Browse and manage Media. When that opens, go to tools and "Monitored Folders" tell it not to monitor folders or select which ones you want to monitor. This image is from Creator 2012 but it looks the same in NXT.


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