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Live Stream Delay



Hey everyone,


Just want to start off by saying I am very happy with this product and all its features.

I have noticed that when I am streaming I am getting a range of delay's from 10+ seconds, more like 15-40 seconds. I have been used to only 5 second delay and I don't know why it is on average 25 seconds off. My speeds are 15 up and 30 down, I am currently using a bitrate of 1000 kbps.

Is there any suggestions to what might be causing this problem and what should I be doing to correct it.


When I use wirecast my bitrate is at 2500 and ran perfect with 5 second delay.


I have read the pinned posts and have searched all over the forums and it seems that I can't find simple fixes to my problem. I just bought the roxio hd game cap pro so I have everything up to date. Any suggestions will be great and thanks in advance.

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yeah I am at the closest server to me. I have noticed that when I refresh my livestream it will be perfect then the delay will start again. Once in a while it will stay in sync and run perfect. I am using the roxio program to be clear for you.


When I have tried the different bitrates i do notice differences on the delay and all seem to be way off except at 1000 which I don't understand because I have been streaming at 2500 kbps before.


Well thanks for responding and I hope more people will respond and get this thing fixed.


Is there any reason why roxio crashes like constantly. If I am playing a game then decide to play something else I have to go to the dashboard. Once the game loads up it crashes EVERY time. Then through the night of streaming it crashes a few times. I will say on an average night of streaming 5+ hours I will have to restart roxio at least 4 times. I am going to make a new thread about it I am just wondering if you or anyone else knows what might be the issue

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