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Issue With Recording (Resolution Settings, And Fps Rate)



I have my Quality setting bar set to as high as possible, and the video bitrate is set to 15,000 kbps. I am currently running an HDMI into my monitor (which I use to play on), but for whatever reason when I record game play the video resolution is set to 1280x720 pixels @ 29.97 fps. I was under the impression that this device records at 60 fps on all resolutions (excluding 1080p). Why, if the display settings on my PS3 are set at 1080i, is the video resolution not at, say, 1920x1080?


Note: If 720p is the highest resolution that records at 60 fps, how can I change the quality settings to 720p? Is there a specific bitrate?

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Ok, so I'm not sure how to answer your 1280x720 problem, BUT how to record in 60fps is easy:


1) (Not sure how to do this on PS3, but I'm assuming it's the same as Xbox) Go into settings, and where you change resolution

2) Change resolution to 720P.


No matter what, when the native format coming from your TV is 1080P (Not sure about 1080i), it will record at 29.97 fps. If the native format is 720P, however, it WILL record in 60fps. And no, no specific bitrate. I'd suggest 15000 if your rig can handle it, however :D

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