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Unable To Burn/add Data To A Cd-Rw Disc



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You might be expecting your Mac to do incremental burning the way it can be done on a PC. Macs can only write sessions in which each one is like burning a new disc with just the added content. Let's say you have 100 megabytes of data to burn. When you add another 100 megabytes to burn you end up with two icons on your desktop with one containing the first burn and the other containing the second. Eventually you can't add any more when the disc is full.

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Having a Toast burning problem....

Operate eMac on X10.4.11, and version 10 working OK until recently, brilliant for DVD's but NOT for audio now.....

May have changed something but don't know what.........?

The problem is this....currently my Freecom Burner shows available space on DVD to be 4+gbs of space for a blank DVD.

However, even without adding and audio disc, the available space is shown as only 98.86gb, and even after adding a CDR. it constantly

states there is not enough space to burn an Audio CDR, and refuses burning attempts....!

Cannot seem to be able to cancel this fixed limitation, and its only in the audio disc section.....!

Really at my wit's end on this......Not a computer expert and may have done something that has caused this.....but don't know what...!

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This sounds like the Toast plist or prefs files are corrupted and need to be trashed. Go to your User>Library>Preferences account and trash those two files. Then relaunch Toast. Toast then should show the correct available space on a disc.

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problem has returned, and again, only for burning Audio CD's, having dumped the Preference files on 3 occasions, and even re-booted the Toast, still not allowing me to get past this 98gb limiter.......HELP

An Audio CD is 700 megabytes. Are you trying to use the Audio CD setting on DVD media? If so, what can play it? In the Toast Audio window there is a Music DVD setting for burning to DVD media. If you don't want compressed AC-3 audio you can change the settings in Toast's custom encoder window to PCM for uncompressed audio using the Music DVD setting. If Toast is failing to report the available size for burning a Music DVD to DVD Media then trashing the preference files is the only way I know to get it right again.

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