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Imovie Chapter Markers - Burning To Dvd



Astonished at Apple's withdrawal of iDVD and what appears to be their active campaign to sabotage users from burning DVDs, I've had to explore other software options. I haven't yet purchased a Roxio product, but I have just one question before I do: I've created a lengthy project in iMovie (2.5 hr concert recorded on my Sony camcorder). Got really fancy and inserted titles, fade-in-fade-outs between songs, and most importantly, chapter markers with each song's title as the chapter title. Can anybody please tell me, if I use Roxio Toast 11 (Titanium? Pro?) to burn my iMovie project onto a DVD, will the Roxio product recognise the chapter markers and automatically include the chapters and chapter names in the DVD menu, or have I waste my time inserting chapter markers in iMovie and will just have to do it again in the Roxio Toast program? If it's bad news, does anybody know of a DVD burner product that will recognise iMovie's chapter markers?

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Toast is supposed to recognize the iMovie chapter markers. There is an "Automatic" default setting for markers in Toast which uses existing markers, or place markers every 5 minutes if none are present. You also can manually place markers in Toast.


First "Share" your iMovie to the Media Browser. Open Toast after doing this so Toast will see it in the Toast Media Browser. In the Toast Media Browser select Video and then select iMovie. Your movie will appear there as a thumbnail. Drag it over to the Toast Video window. If you click "Edit..." next to the video a window opens where there is an option to set chapters. Clicking that option you'll see the chapters you marked. You cannot edit the text because Toast's chapter (or scene) menu only shows thumbnails as the buttons.


If you choose Include Scene Menus when creating your DVD, the Toast menu will begin with the movie title. Clicking on that thumbnail goes to a chapter menu where the first chapter needs to be clicked to start playback. If you don't choose to display the scene menus when burning the disc, the chapters will be present for selection via the player's remote control but there will be no menu to browse through the chapters.

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