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Can't Change Ps3 Display Setting



OKAY. Roxio's all set up. PS3's fine, software's installed.


Buuuuuut the PS3 refuses to change the display settings.


I get to "select type of connector", choose Component/D-Terminal, but the screen goes black for a few seconds before returning as the PS3 deems it "not correct" since I still have the HDMI plugged in. But if I take the HDMI /out/, then I can't see anything at all.


I don't know if it makes a different that I have a surround sound system and therefore my TV, cable, and PS3 all function out of a A/V receiver/tuner. I tried switching sources to see if that would help when I unplug the HDMI, but no go.


Any help deeply appreciated.

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I have the USB that was included hooked up between the Roxio and PC. Is there something else I could supplement?


the box and plug set up (minus HDMI on the top, obviously)



from top to bottom at back of PS3: ethernet cable (in case of wireless going out), HDMI cable, component cable, power cable



if I were to change the connection from the Roxio to the TV from HDMI to component, I'm guessing that would negate the point of having the HD Pro version of the game capture? or would it still be HD by some technical wizardry?

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Your two red connectors don't look like they are inserted as much as the others.


Please recheck all connections!


Lets clear this up, component is HD.


Component video is capable of carrying various signals, such as 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p and beyond. So it is HD.


Why you use component on a PS3.


Connect a console specific Component AV cable** to the A/V port of the console. An HDMI connection is not possible from the PS3 due to HDCP (Sony protected) video out. That is why you need to use component cables out from the PS3

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