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Unable To Make Dvd Video Disc



I have a collection of AVI movies (Xvid) i'm burning to DVD with Toast 11. However all files are roughly 42 - 43 minutes each, i can fit about 8 per disc on a Dual Layer, and all are fine, the DVD meter calculates the space used/remaining properly, that is....all but these 8 movies which are no different than the other 52 files. Here's what happens ;-


When I add this 8 video files the duration is about 5 hours..... but the meter below only shows 957MB used .... Not going by this, I decided to base it on how many i fitted last time, and also roughly the time


What happened is they encode fine, and them multiplexes..... Sometimes it does 2 passes (I'm not sure why), but then at the end is shows 99%, pauses for a bit, then comes up with an error "you need 10Gig, but you only have 7 Gig disc"


This has got my beat..... As this problem only happens to these 8 files... all others out of the 52, are fine.. no errors..... Same format, and there is nothing different i do to this 8 troubled files i don't do to any other.


So, question is, why is this not working ? And more importantly, why isn;t the DVD meter showing accuracy ? As 957MB sounds far too small for 8 files..


I checked in Finder, and these same 8 files equal over 2 Gig combined. So something is going wrong here.




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Since Toast does the others correctly my guess is there is something not quite right with at least one of these eight. If so, it seems likely that it is the first on the list. Have you looked at what Toast reports if you start a new project and drag in a different order or leave one or more out?


It's difficult for me to suggest the best workaround. If one of the videos seems to trigger this problem then I'd put it in the Convert window and convert it first to an h.264 video at the same resolution, and then substitute that in the list.

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Thanks... but this didn't help.


I can't put my finger on it, but heres what i found.


If i add all 8 i get a small file size of only 957MB, however the moment i remove the top one, so there is 7 listed, the dvd meter jumps to 7.0x gig....


Whats strange, if I add this same file back, the meter stays the same, it doesn't shrink back down.

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